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Not Your Typical School

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The waitlist is now open for the school year 2023-24. Click here to sign up. 

We focus on 1-to-1 learning experiences to better assist your student. We offer a multi-sensory experience including computer/video based teaching, lectures, life skill engagement and much more. Learn more.

We specializes in assisting with many disability impairments. We offer IEP programs and multi-sensory curriculum to better assist each student. Learn more.

We provide after school tutoring services. We offer a bus that can pick up your child after school and bring them back to our school to work on any subjects they may be struggling with. Learn more.

Break Down Barriers With SOAR

Soar Academy is a non-traditional micro-school for neurodivergent students. Our students make up the growing number of atypical or differently abled students. We service students with ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Auditory Processing Disorder, Mild Intellectual Delay, and students facing remediation due to academic gaps. We will guide our students toward academic success by providing project-based learning, a custom curriculum, and the proper mental and emotional support! Our families make up a very diverse group. We are 60% African American. 30% Caucasian, and 10% Hispanic.


4th Grader
Autism Program
Carter was a 4th Grader in the Autism Program at SOAR Academy last year. He came to SOAR  Academy with a history of being bullied and was reading well below his grade level. After evaluating his individual needs, it was determined that he would benefit from speech therapy and dyslexia programs. The SOAR team got to work and built a customized curriculum that incorporated the IEP program,  brain gym, the Wilson reading program, speech therapy, and OT services. By creating a curriculum based on his individual needs, his reading scores have improved by 70% and his confidence is soaring. 


Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate SOAR Academy’s 12th Anniversary on April 20, 2023, from 12 pm- 5 pm. We would love to show you how SOAR is changing education. 


Classroom Setup

Not Your Typical Classroom

We utilize a zone system in the classroom to accommodate each students learning style.
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A Day in the Life

See How It Works

Take a tour of a typical day in a SOAR classroom.
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Exploration Fridays

Student Engagement

At SOAR we believe in utilizing different curriculum methods to reach each student. Check out our transformational program Exploration Friday's.
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Meet Our Teachers

Learn more about our educators.
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Learn about funding

Learn more about the Scholarships SOAR offers.
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We offer transportation options for tutoring, local occupational therapy, and local speech therapy within 5 miles of the academy.
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What's Happening at SOAR