SOAR Academy

New Location: 3836 Washington Road, Suites 9-10 Augusta, GA
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Not Your Typical Classroom

Soar offers flexible classrooms to create the best learning environment for all students.

Flexible Seating

We know how hard it is to sit at a desk all day without starting to day dream!  We allow students to have options, desk chairs, rolling desks, exercise balls, bean bags, yoga mats.

Flexible Instruction

We give our staff the ability to customize their lessons to reach all the students

Flexible Teachers

We have teachers that specialize in different teaching styles.  We have a traditional teacher, IEP specialist and a Multi-Sensory teacher.

Take A Tour

(At the moment, all group tours have been exhausted. Only individual tours are available at this time)

For any families wanting to schedule a tour and have their questions answered
you will need to schedule a consultation appointment, which is required for questions concerning academic assessments, meeting our staff, touring our school, and answering any questions related to the school or scholarships. We are unable to guarantee scholarships or enrollment prior to meeting with each family in person.

To schedule a consultation appointment, there is a $59 fee. (The consultation fee is deducted from any enrollment fees should a family decide to move forward with enrollment.) Please visit our FAQ section where most of your questions can be answered.

Not Your Typical SCHOOL Week

Motivational Mondays
  • Character class or devotion.
  • Stretch and flex.
  • Foundational skills review.
  • Reading lab, art lab, STEM lab. 
Tuesday - Thursdays

Instructional Learning

  • Math
  • English Language Arts, Science
  • Social Studies
  • Common Core standards based instruction.
Engaged Exploration Fridays
  • Field trips to focus in on real world application from the week’s lessons.
  • Art Lab
  • Stem Lab
  • Career Exploration
  • Reading Lab.

Exploration Friday

Building on what they learn each week.

Every Friday the SOAR curriculum takes the students out of the classroom and gives them the opportunity to connect to what they are learning in new ways. This transformational program is designed to incorporate community programs that will develop their life skills, but it also focuses on broadening their learning development with guest speakers and activities designed to strengthen their understanding. By changing the atmosphere on Friday’s, it allows students to continuously engage and be excited to learn .  These experiences are voted on by the PTO committee and have become a favorite for parents and students.

Common Weekly Activities: Kroc Center, Patriots Park, Jessie Norman Art School, fishing, and guest speakers.