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SOAR Academy Augusta, Inc.

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Non-Profit Division

SOAR Academy opened its non-profit division, SOAR Academy Augusta Inc, in October of 2021. We hope to make an impact on the CSRA’s reading and math scores. Our long-term goal is to build a multi-sensory school and learning facility that customizes instruction for students to reach academic mastery that transfers into their adult lives.

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How does the non-profit work?

Our non-profit provides free (or low cost) reading intervention to students up to 3 days per week combined with real world field experiences bi-monthly. These field experiences expose students to art, STEM, music, and more. These experiences combined with our reading program have a proven success rate of 85%. Student test scores, confidence, career options, report card grades and communication skills have vastly improved after 18 months or more in our program.

Statistics show that 74% of children not reading by the end of 3rd grade will never catch up.

To create accessibility to high quality learning resources for underserved children.

Our vision is to create an affordable, multi-sensory learning environment for students with learning challenges. Our vision is that these hands-on experiences will be transferable into adulthood and give students a clearer vision and purpose for their futures.

Our immediate Goal is to reach 150 underserved children for early reading intervention and ensure that funding is not a barrier to a quality education.


4th Grader
Autism Program
Carter was a 4th Grader in the Autism Program at SOAR Academy last year. He came to SOAR  Academy with a history of being bullied and was reading well below his grade level. After evaluating his individual needs, it was determined that he would benefit from speech therapy and dyslexia programs. The SOAR team got to work and built a customized curriculum that incorporated the IEP program,  brain gym, the Wilson reading program, speech therapy, and OT services. By creating a curriculum based on his individual needs, his reading scores have improved by 70% and his confidence is soaring. 


VELA Grant

SOAR Academy was awarded the VELA Grant, which is awarded to schools that provide non-traditional learning environments.

ITA Grant

The SOAR Non-profit, SOAR Academy Augusta, Inc., was awarded the ITA Grant, which provides after-school programs for students struggling with Dyslexia.

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