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K - 12 School

Our Curriculum Overview

A better APPROACH to teaching your student.

SOAR Academy’s goal is to prepare students for successful futures by providing customized curriculum that is flexible and balanced to their individual needs.  We accomplish this goal by offering various curriculum styles and providing stimulating activities that keep them engaged and thriving.

We offer various curriculum approaches for ages 6-18.

Curriculum styles offered: lecture style learning (traditional schools), computer/video based learning, and multi-sensory learning approaches.

Class Ratio: 6:1

Transformational Engagement Program: Exploration Fridays. Learn More.

Special Programs:

  • Math-U-See: A multi-sensory curriculum that combines real-world math applications, as well, as visual concepts to help students engage with math concepts.


  • ARETE Scholarship: An income-based Georgia-funded tax credit scholarship that pays up to 50% of tuition.  Learn more.
  • SOAR Scholarship: A privately-funded scholarship offered by the SOAR Non-Profit, SOAR Academy Augusta, Inc. This scholarship is awarded based on a financial aid application and a needs basis. Contact us today for more details.


9th Grader
Foundations Program

Tianna was a 9th Grader at Soar Academy last year. When she entered the program last fall she tested on a first grade math and reading level. After working with Tianna, it was determined that she was misdiagnosed with a learning disability which hindered her progress in the public school system. Once the misdiagnosis was determined and a customized curriculum was developed which focused on her missing foundational skills, she began exceling right away. Within 9 months of working in our Foundations Program  she is now able to read on a 5th or 6th grade level. She is on track to be reading on a 10th grade level or surpassing it, by completing one more year in the Foundations Program. Tianna’s confidence is soaring in math and reading and much more importantly, she is now on track for many more opportunities in her future. 

Exploration Friday

Building on what they learn each week.

Every Friday the SOAR curriculum takes the students out of the classroom and gives them the opportunity to connect to what they are learning in new ways. This transformational program is designed to incorporate community programs that will develop their life skills, but it also focuses on broadening their learning development with guest speakers and activities designed to strengthen their understanding. By changing the atmosphere on Friday’s, it allows students to continuously engage and be excited to learn .  These experiences are voted on by the PTO committee and have become a favorite for parents and students.

Common Weekly Activities: Kroc Center, Patriots Park, Jessie Norman Art School, fishing, and guest speakers.