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SOAR Academy experiences growth after receiving national recognition

When it comes to learning, Mary Katherine Gorlich’s high school aged daughter needed more than the traditional classroom experience offered.

Diagnosed with two forms of dyslexia, ADHD and severe hearing loss, she doesn’t enjoy socializing with girls her age and needed an environment where she could learn according to her needs.

“She wants to do her work, get it done, draw and be left alone. They allow that here. At her other school, they required socialization, and she didn’t fit in,” said Gorlich, whose daughter is thriving at SOAR Academy in Martinez. The school was a finalist for the YASS prize in December 2022.

Gorlich’s daughter is now “excited about getting a degree in art,” and she’s found a passion in the political arena after a visit to the Georgia state capital and meeting government officials, much to Gorlich’s surprise.

“This was my kid that didn’t want to talk to people,” she said.

 And those are the kinds of success stories Kenisha Skaggs, who founded the school 13 years ago, loves to hear.

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Enjoy a silent disco, summer foods and treats, a dino zone, lego station, Anime & Art display, and more! Soar Academy joins the CSRA Youth Photography Fine Arts Society to host this celebration and fundraiser for our Forest School!

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